A good talk on growth & profit

I met Ashish Gadnis and we talked about topics that are dear to both of us

We are no longer in a global lockdown and it is great to finally meet people that I have only worked with on video calls. What a relief!

I recently met Ashish, the CEO and co-founder of BanQu Inc., for a breakfast when he had a stopover in Amsterdam. It was an early morning in a hotel not far from Schiphol where we meet face to face for the first time. We connected for the first time a year ago in a program run by IKEA Social Entrepreneurship. I was immediately struck by Ashis contagious energy, which left me running on a high for days. But there is much more than pure adrenaline when we meet. Ashis and I have had many engaging calls on how we can contribute to something good for society in large.

This morning we talked about good growth and profit with a purpose, how modern technology can improve life for those with limited labour market access. While doing good we simultaneously make sure that companies do what is right and keep their facts solid.

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